Bresser 30 Pcs Prepared Slides - Animal

  • Discover different animals
  • Comes in a wooden box
  • 30 pcs
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    Product Description
    Bresser Prepared Slides: Animals 30 different animals prepared slides. Perfect for learning about microscopy.
  • Paramecium W.M.
  • Paramecium Conjugation, W.M.
  • Paramecium in Fission, W.M.
  • Euglena W.M.
  • Hydra C.S.
  • Hydra, Spermary, C.S.
  • Hydra L.S.
  • Hydra With Bud, W.M.
  • Schistosoma Male, W.M.
  • Schistosoma Female, W.M.
  • Ascaris Egg, C.S.
  • Schistosoma Miracidia, W.M.
  • Schistosoma Ceraroae, W.M.
  • Schistosoma Adults in Copula, W.M.
  • Bladder Worm, W.M.
  • Tapeworm, Mature Proglottid, W.M.
  • Ascaris Female and Male, C.S.
  • Mitosis Horse Ascaris Eggs, Sec.
  • Earthworm C.S.
  • Honey Bee Mouth Parts, W.M.
  • Mosquite Mouth Parts, W.M.
  • Culex Common House Mosquito, Larva, W.M.
  • House Fly Mouth Parts, W.M.
  • Butterfly Mouth Parts, W.M.
  • Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M.
  • Ant W.M.
  • Clam Gill, C.S.
  • Frog Egg, C.S.
  • Frog Liver, Sec.
  • Blood, Pigeon, smear
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