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Optex OP-CB4I Tri-Head Biological Microscope

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- Professional level biological microscope
- 40 to 1600x magnification
- Modern Köhler illumination system
- 6V/20W Adjustable power illuminator
- Advanced optical quality and contrast
- Advanced focuser system
- Warranty : 1 Year
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Optex Biological Microscopes are renown for their high quality, durability and advanced features whilst remaining completely user friendly. Optex continuously improves the technology and exterior design of all their products, thus their microscopes have become star instruments for university, medical, clinical and laboratory use.

Using the latest technologies, the Optex OP-CB4I has a high quality objective lens and a built in iris which results in exceptional optical quality and contrast.

Another main highlight of the Optex OP-CB4I, compared to other microscopes, is its significantly brighter Köhler illuminating system. The Köhler Illumination system is one of the latest modern technologies in microscope illumination and requires additional optical elements not present in simplistic microscopes. The illumination system works to flatten and even out light across the field, making the Optex OP-CB4I suitable for professional photography and other industry level uses.

The Optex OP-CB4I also has an in built adjustable halogen lamp 6V/20W illuminator which gives users the ability to control the amount of light required.

The advanced dual speed coaxial focuser in the Optex OP-CB4I enables a stronger and smoother system. This microscope makes fine focussing an ease and enables high quality views even at >1000x magnification, an ability most other microscopes do not have.

The Optex OP-CB4I Biological Microscope also has the ability to connect with other devices such as video cameras and computers. This handy feature allows researchers to save, edit and print out their observations. This makes the Optex OP-CB4I Biological Microscope suitable for laboratory and hospital use.

To effectively minimise errors and eliminate all external biases during the reading process, the Optex OP-CB4I Biological Microscope is water resistant and dustproof.

- 40 to 1600x magnification
- Trinocular head
- Köhler Illumination system allows for high quality photography
- Built-in Adjustable Brightness Halogen Lamp Power Illuminator
- Advanced Dual Speed Coaxial Focuser
- 140 x 155mm Double Layer Mechanical Stage
- Safety lock to avoid broken slides


Additional Info

  • Eyepiece: WF10X, WF16X
  • Objective Lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x
  • Head: Trinocular, 45 degree Inclined, 360 degree Rotatable
  • Interpupillary Distance: 55-75mm
  • Magnification: 40x / 1600x
  • Power Illuminator: 6V/20W
  • Mechanical Stage:140X155mm
  • Moving Range X-Y: 70X50mm
  • Mechanism: 30mm
  • Manufacturer Optex



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